Kiosk Mode / Breakout Testing

What is it?

In simple words, if you want to restrict the usability of the device that you are giving to your employee/customer's hand, you can use kiosk browser lockdown facility to make that device single purpose used.

Post setting up Kiosk, when that Android OS based device boots up, it automatically runs only allowed the application. Which will not have any exit feature or may be an exit to the home screen, notification area or settings menu is locked down with the password.

ADB Tricks and Attack Vectors:

Load Settings using ADB

adb shell am start 
adb shell am start -a android.settings.SETTINGS

Enter Developer Mode using ADB:

adb shell am start -a

Install another application package (APK) using ADB:

adb install Snapchat_500003.0.1_Apkpure.apk

Launching a package with unknown Activity using ADB and Monkey:

adb shell monkey -p 1

Open dialling pad and dial number using ADB:

adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.CALL -d tel:666666666

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