Pulling an image on Docker:

On your host box, run the command.

sudo docker pull centos:latest

To see all the Docker images installed, issue the command:

sudo docker images

To start the docker pulled CentOS, we need to issue a command to the OS to get a thread started. We can do this by running the following command:

sudo docker run -it centos /bin/bash

The above command does the following things −

  • Runs the CentOS Docker image.

  • Runs the image in interactive mode by using the -it option.

  • Runs the /bin/bash command as the initial process.

Docker Example Building and Usage:

Clone this repository

git clone

Build the SpoolSploit Docker container image

cd SpoolSploit
sudo docker build -t spoolsploit .

Create and start the SpoolSploit Docker container

sudo docker run -dit -p 445:445 --name spoolsploit spoolsploit:latest

Attach to the container

sudo docker exec -it spoolsploit /bin/bash

Docker Compose

$ cd <project directory>

$ docker compose up -d

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